Welcome to the online school portfolio of Miss Heather Ann Rosenthal. Here I will be posting bits and pieces of my home school work to display for viewing, such as creative writing, essays, and photography. I will also be posting things such as volunteer work I have completed, classes I have taken, workshops I have attended, and my various projects.

A little about me…

My  name is Heather, connecting me to my Scottish roots. The heather flower likes to live on rocky cliffs in the Scottish highlands. I plan to visit Scotland one day, along with many other places all over the world. I have a wanderlust in me that is yearning to spread her wings.

I loved being home schooled, it gives me the freedom to live a life of imagination and creativity. I was raised on a hobby farm in the middle of a majestic forest, it was a very nurturing environment and I learned SO much simply from my every day life. I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by wonderfully brilliant human beings who are kind enough to share their wisdom with me. As much as I enjoyed my home schooling, I also adore class room environments and really find myself flourishing when learning with a group of different people.

I call myself a health nut. I am passionately interested in holistic health and nutrition, herbalism, and natural remedies. I’m always researching a different medicinal herb or experimenting with a new super-food,  nature has so many glorious gifts to offer our bodies. Most recently I’ve found my interest being pulled towards gardening and environmental studies, as well. I feel at home and peaceful in nature, in the woods, surrounded by trees and flowers. I am also in love with animals. All animals. But especially my very own animals that live on my sanctuary of a farm. The relationships and bonds I have with my majestic horse, happy dogs, goofy cats, crazy goats, adorable rabbits, silly ducks, and yes, charismatic chickens are all relationships that I treasure. Nature and animals teach me so much, and believe it or not, they nurture my creative and intellectual mind on a daily basis.

I capture my love of animals and nature with my love of photography. Looking at the world through the eyes of a photographer has been an amazing gift that I’ve given myself. To capture a moment, a look, a meeting or greeting, and hold it in time for forever, is magical. Photography is magic, and I have displayed some of my favorite photographs under the category, “Photography.”  I love to write, especially stories. I love sitting down with a pen and a blank piece of paper, or maybe just my computer, and creating a story from nothing but my own imagination. Some of my imaginings can been seen in “Creative Writing.”

At the end of the day, I love to learn, create, discover, explore, and evolve as a human being. Things that make me happy are: hiking in the forest, hugging my horse’s neck, tasting a new herb, capturing a perfect moment with my lens, warm cups of tea, interesting books, sunshine, rain, and a lifetime of magical moments.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio. I can’t say that this is what it takes to get to know me, but it’s a start.


Heather Ann